• Welcome to ACE. Where Quality is our focus, and everyone wins! 

    We are the exclusive provider of Cardiac Cath/PCI Accreditation, and the specialized source for a range of performance-focused Quality Reviews for the Cath Lab. Together, our offerings are designed to achieve one thing: assure that our clients embrace and realize the rewards and benefits of Quality Improvement...today, and on a continuing basis.

    When a lab takes up the Quality challenge with ACE, it’s easy to see how everyone wins: physicians, lab managers and staff, administration, insurers, and especially patients. ACE does this by:

    • Focusing our Accreditation and Quality Reviews on performance and process optimization...helping customers
      embrace long term CQI practices that have a positive ripple effect through the institution
    • Reducing complexity, helping customers achieve a clear Quality ‘focus’ and easy implementation
    • Engaging physicians and the full lab team, and the institution as a whole
    • Applying our extensive expertise to assure that ACE clients achieve performance results efficiently, cost effectively,
      securely, and can operate with reduced risk
    It is our goal to show our customers a smarter way to live Quality and realize its many benefits. These web pages are
    designed to help you see how you can benefit. So, view our Accreditation and Quality Review videos. Read the latest
    Articles and Presentations. And get your questions answered in our FAQ section. Get started by clicking here
    for Accreditation information, and click here for the Quality Review story.

    Contact an ACE representative to learn more. Call 202-657-6859, or email info@cvexcel.org
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