• Path to Accreditation

    Any facility currently performing carotid artery stenting, diagnostic catheterization or Cath/PCI may apply for accreditation.

    The path to accreditation includes:

    • Complete Online Application
      An in-house review of the application is performed by ACE staff to ensure completeness.
    • Data Review
      Nurse and physician reviewers will be assigned to review application data and identify potential issues or items that require further clarification. Physician reviewers are selected from a multidisciplinary pool of experienced carotid stent, vascular medicine, and neurologic clinicians that are consistent with the physicians who perform CAS at the applicant institution.
    • Site Visit
      All facilities will be subject to an onsite review by a team of experienced, trained, objective nurse reviewers. The review includes physical inspection, chart audits, reviews of standard operating procedures, peer review, review of outcomes and interviews with key personnel.
    • Angiography Review
      A random collection of angiographic studies will be collected for independent review. These studies are evaluated for image quality,  adherence to angiographic standards and appropriateness.