• Accreditation Programs

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    Our accreditation process is designed to help you improve patient safety and quality of care by comparing your practices against gold-standard peer-reviewed methodologies and nationwide outcomes data. Our process includes recommendations for remediation, where necessary, and periodic reviews. 

    During the accreditation process, every aspect of your facility’s operation is examined and compared against nationally-accepted best practices.

    Among other things, ACE performs on-site inspections, personal interviews and analyzes historical outcomes data. All of the information collected is measured against national data and gold-standard practices as defined by experts in the field of interventional cardiology. Only facilities that  meet ACE standards are awarded the ACE accreditation.

    Learn more about our:
    Cath/PCI Accreditation
    Diagnostic Catheterization Accreditation
    Carotid Artery Stenting Accreditation
    Peripheral Vascular Intervention Accreditation
    Congenital Heart Disease Accreditation for PCCL

    Electrophysiology Accreditation

    Structural Heart accreditation coming soon!