• Benefits of ACE Accreditation/CQI

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    As a care giver and provider of cardiac and endovascular services, you are committed to providing high quality care to your patients. Accomplishing that goal requires ongoing reassessment of your facility’s delivery of those services to identify any areas that would benefit from further improvement. It is not easy to assess all aspects of your own facility. If you are certified by ACE, you know that you are meeting or exceeding the standards set by experts in cardiac and endovascular care, and you also gain an independent evaluation as evidence that your facility is committed to achieving the highest standards.

    ACE accreditation/CQI also

    • provides a standard of care for patients comparing one facility to another
    • certifies to insurers that their beneficiaries are getting the best possible care, which is a step toward broader coverage and more treatment options for patients
    • provides independent, unbiased, outcome-based evidence to patients and their families that they are receiving the highest quality care
    • establishes the evidence necessary to support the image your facility would like to promote to the public
    • validates your facility’s position, voice, and influence in government policy-making circles
    • minimizes your liability by encouraging best practices and early identification and resolution of problems at your facility
    • offers evidence of meeting best practice standards in the event of a lawsuit
    • reduces costs by supporting a more effective and efficient operation based on uniform standards
    • minimizes complications, which in turn benefits payors, patients, and society by reducing costs