• ACE Staff

    Sean McElgunn
    Executive Director

    Sean McElgunn has over thirty years of experience working with clients in financial services, banking and nonprofit arenas. Mr. McElgunn has deep expertise in finance, sales, customer and business-to-business relations.

    Peggy McElgunn, Esq.
    Director, Operations

    Peggy McElgunn is an attorney with over thirty years of experience managing and supporting nonprofit organizations, including organizations in the cardiovascular arena. Mrs. McElgunn's legal background includes working for a law firm where she lobbied on behalf of over 180 clients, and managing the legal and government affairs of many trade association and professional society clients.

    Valarie Coyle
    Director, Education

    Valarie Coyle has over thirty years of experience organizing conferences and continuing education for nonprofits in many arenas including cardiovascular, with deep expertise in working with medical accrediting bodies to provide continuing education credits for cardiac professionals.

    Kurt Jensen
    Director, Communications

    Kurt Jensen has more than four years professional experience in communications with nonprofit clients, including clients in the cardiovascular arena. Jensen's expertise includes website maintenance, content marketing, email campaigns, graphic design, and more.

    Zach McElgunn
    Director, Customer Services

    Zach McElgunn has over three years of experience managing nonprofit foundations in addition to public and consumer relations for a variety of nonprofit clients. McElgunn also has experience as a research assistant at the University of Virginia Center for Behavioral Medicine.