• What Is ACE Accreditation and CQI?

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    ACE accreditation and continuing quality improvement (CQI) is based on a professional review of an organization’s structure, internal processes, patient safety practices, and clinical outcomes. We compare our findings against the standards established by experts in cardiac and endovascular care. It is a standardized, unbiased process for assuring quality patient care and a mechanism for certifying that high quality of care to patients, their physicians, families, insurers, and state and federal agencies that regulate the delivery and reimbursement of health care.

    The ACE accreditation/CQI process can help your facility:

    • Improve & validate quality care
    • Promote positive brand recognition among patients, payers and clinicians
    • Enhance your facility's reputation
    • Confirm that appropriate patient selection is occurring
    • Validate your internal peer review process

    ACE currently offers accreditation and CQI services for:

    • Carotid Artery Stenting
    • Cardiac Catheterization
    • Percutaneous Coronary Interventions

    Facilities that achieve full accreditation receive a certificate of recognition and acknowledgement in the ACE newsletter and on this website. CQI, which is an integrated component of the ACE process, is conducted throughout the accreditation period and is included in the accreditation fee.


    The ACE accreditation process offers different types of accreditation depending on the outcome of the initial review and assessment. Accreditation outcomes include:

    • Full Accreditation
    • Provisional Accreditation
    • Denial (if there are significant deficiencies).

    For facilities that are denied accreditation, we provide a complete report including a corrective action plan to assist the facility in achieving Full Accreditation status.

    Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

    An integral part of our accreditation process is an improvement plan to ensure that facilities continue to progress in their efforts to maintain best practices. Each ACE CQI program, which is included in the cost of accreditation, is designed by a team of experts working closely with your facility and is actively monitored and maintained during the entire accreditation period. ACE CQI includes specific goals, milestones and on-site visits by physicians as needed. ACE CQI ensures continuous improvement and maintenance of the highest standards of care despite staff turnover, process changes or infrastructure modifications.