• CAS Accreditation Application

    Thank you for seeking Carotid Artery Stenting accreditation with ACE. If you experience technical difficulties while submitting your application, please contact ACE at ACEtech@enforme.com.

    For guidance with the application process or assistance with the application, please contact ACE at info@cvexcel.org
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    Helpful tips for completing the Application:

    Congratulations on your decision to submit an application for accreditation! You are demonstrating a high commitment to quality patient care.

    Before you begin the application process it is helpful to have one designated person responsible to organize and submit the information. Since this is an on-line process all documents must be in the form of an electronic file; word documents or pdf files are the most common.

    Here is a list of the documents you will need to submit with the application:

    View the requirements as a PDF
    • CVs for Medical Director of the CAS program, Administrative Director and Technical Director
    • Most recent report from outcomes data registry ( CARE, SVS or other)
    • CMS application for accreditation
    • Evidence of allied health training for evaluating and interpreting results of physiologic, hemodynamic and rhythm monitoring of patients during catheter based procedures
    • Evidence of training in management of acute neurological syndromes
    • Evidence of process for providing acute neuro-rescue or stroke intervention
    • Physician credentialing and recredentialing criteria
    • Evidence of oversight committee and peer review conferences
    • Process for monitoring peri-procedural, in-hospital and 30 day outcomes
    • Process for follow up monitoring for stroke, MI death peri-procedural and in-hospital period
    • Procedure to document radiation exposure to patients and staff and process to monitor high exposure
    • Policy for radiation safety education.
    • 30 day outcome report
    • Annual Complication report
    • CMS outcomes reporting for last 24 months

    Here is a list of this information you will need to provide:

    • List of specialties performing CAS and annual volume for last calendar yr.
    • Most recent date of CMS accreditation
    • Current complication rates
    • One year outcomes
    • Restenosis rates
    • Percent of patients receiving high doses of radiation during CAS procedure

    View the requirements as a PDF