• Quality Matters — A Bi-Weekly News Bulletin

    Curated by Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence, the Quality Matters newsletter collects and briefly summarizes the latest news affecting quality in cardiovascular care from a wide range of sources. Quality Matters is your bi-weekly news brief with a focus on quality assurance and quality improvement in the cardiac cath lab, electrophysiology, and more.

  • Quality Matters: Paclitaxel Debate and Cardiology Device Outcomes

    Paclitaxel Debate & Device Outcomes - 11/11/19

    Outcomes from trials focused on cardiology device outcomes, drug-coated balloons, drug-eluting stents and bioresorbable stents caught our eye this week along with even more insight into the paclitaxel debate and the latest clinical perspectives coming out of the 2019 Vascular Interventional Advances (VIVA) annual meeting. Read more »

    Revascularization Benefits - 10/28/19

    An outpouring of recent research has shown the outcome benefits of early revascularization and complete revascularization over alternatives in certain cases. A single-center analysis ahead of full ISCHEMIA trial results challenges mixed data and suggests better survival rates for early revascularization when compared to medical therapy in patients with stable CAD and myocardial ischemia. And while the risk of PCI in non-culprit lesions was previously unclear, new results from the COMPLETE trial suggests complete revascularization is superior to culprit-only PCI. Plus, even more insight into revascularization decision-making and outcomes in this edition of the Quality Matters News Brief! Read more »

    Patient-Reported Outcomes - 10/14/19

    New insight into depression and anxiety in cardiac rehab patients suggests a negative impact on outcomes, inspiring us to take a deeper look at the state of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in cardiac care. This Quality Matters news-brief rounds up the latest studies, commentary and news stories on patient-reported and quality of life outcomes in cardiology. And new research suggests TAVR outperforms surgery on patient-reported endpoints in low-risk patients at one-year. Read more »

    Quality Matters: Impactful Implications from Outcomes-Focused Insights

    Impactful Implications - 8/16/19

    Outcomes-focused research made news across cardiovascular care disciplines in the past few weeks, ultimately with impactful implications for all practitioners and programs. One study points out the potential impact of taking cardiac rehabilitation "to the next level," as individualized rehab provides an opportunity for service lines to improve outcomes across the board. Plus, a large qualitative study offers insight into top-performers in responding to in-hospital cardiac arrest. Read more »

    Do Labels Impact Outcomes? - 7/22/19

    In cardiology, not all quality labels are created equal. In a previous edition, we took a look at how a 2018 report found patient outcomes were no better in Joint Commission-Accredited Hospitals than in peers. Our review of the latest news in cardiovascular care turned up two more articles concerned with quality labels and their impact on outcomes: 'Center of Excellence' designations from payors might not mean much, but process of care scores from public hospital performance reports may. And speaking of labels, we also found insights on quality from Phoenix Children's Hospital which owns a rarefied three-star rating from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Read more »

    Accreditation's Impact on Variability - 5/1/19

    We know that reducing variability improves quality and reduces cost. In this week's Quality Matters, we break down several research studies from the past 15 years to take a deeper look at a quality accreditation process and its impact on variability. We've identified studies that analyze accreditation engagement and motivation, critical success factors for quality assurance, and Washington State's approach to reducing variability via its Surgical Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program (2005). Read more »

    Lessons from Accreditation & ACC - 3/18/19

    Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence was proud to be recognized at the American College of Cardiology 2019 Quality Summit for our poster presentation, Lessons from Accreditation Action Plans: Common Areas for Quality Improvement in the Cardiac Cath Lab, and we also brought back a bit more insight into quality cardiac care from the conference. Read more »

    Signaling Quality at Scale - 2/21/19

    Hospital mergers negatively affect quality of care, and hospitals where physicians are employed perform no better on many quality measures than hospitals where physicians are contracted say two high profile articles from last week. These stories and another from October provide important insight into macro-scale quality improvement and signaling, and we take a look at how ACE accreditation, with its micro-focus on the things that matter for quality, can help even large systems implement continuous quality improvement and avoid these pitfalls. Read more »

    All Things PAD - 2/8/19

    This week, we've found a number of stories with important insights into the medical management of peripheral artery disease—including expert analysis from ACC Snowmass 2019 with several significant takeaways, a possibly "potent" index for PAD risk stratification, an update on Paclitaxel-coated balloons, and a feature on the latest PAD tech. Read more »

    How to Excel in Cardiovascular - 1/24/19

    An article from November in Modern Healthcare organizes our thoughts this week, as it becomes harder to achieve recognition as a top cardiovascular hospital. We explore what it takes—like constantly improving (note: ACE quality review and accreditation can help)—and some other news which might help focus quality improvement efforts for peripheral vascular intervention and the TEE examination. Read more »

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